Ashoka Fellow Dina Buchbinder’s organization Sports 4 Sharing (Deportes para Compartir) introduces children ages 6 to 12 to in-school activities that strengthen their self-confidence and self-awareness, their role as civic actors, and their power to team up with one another for achieving genuine social good in their own community.

S4S utilizes sports in a non-competitive way through children’s universal language – play – to instill critical values and skills that evolve into positive, healthy interactions between individuals and bring out the best in society as a whole.

Career Opportunities

Program Cooridnator


Ashoka Fellow Elliott Brown's Organization, Clearly Next, is is a new way to navigate your career. It’s an interactive personalized program designed to help you make the right career decisions from school to retirement. It’s smart, fun, and affordable.

Career Opportunities

Communications and Network Designer




Ashoka Fellow Elizabeth Hausler Strand founded Build Change to greatly reduce deaths, injuries and economic losses caused by housing collapses due to earthquakes in developing countries. After a major earthquake in a developing country, agencies typically build masses of houses that are not always culturally appropriate and sustainable in the local construction sector. The opportunity to build local capacity is often missed, and in many cases, the houses built after the funding and technical assistance cease are not earthquake-resistant. Build Change takes a different approach by designing earthquake-resistant houses for developing countries and training builders, homeowners, engineers, and government officials to build them. To date Build Change has built 18,701 new houses, and trained 3,127 better builders and 3,383 engineers.  

Career Opportunities

Impact Monitoring and Reporting Consultant

Lead Engineer - Philippines


Ashoka Fellow Billy Parish founded Mosaic to create a platform for people to invest in clean energy infrastructure, revolutionizing the two biggest industries in the world: energy and finance.  His mission is to open up clean energy investing and fundamentally change the way energy is financed. Mosaic connects investors to solar projects in need of financing. As the solar project produces clean electricity, it generates revenue by selling power to the solar customer. As the project earns revenue, investors are paid back with interest. Already, hundreds of people from across the United States have invested thousands of dollars to finance solar projects through Mosaic's online marketplace.

Career Opportunities

Mosaic is hiring for several positions in the Oakland area.  For an updated list click here logo 

Ashoka Fellow Marc Freedman's organization,, is leading the call to engage millions of boomers as a vital workforce for change. Through an inventive program portfolio, original research, strategic alliances and the power of people's own life stories, demonstrates the value of experience in solving serious social problems - from education to the environment and health care to homeslessness. Founded in 1998, (formerly Civic Ventures) is a nonprofit organization working to promote encore careers - second acts for the greater good - definig the second half of life as a time of individual and social renewal. 

Career Opportunities

Encore President


YearUp Logo

Ashoka Fellow, Gerald Chertavian, is redefining how talent is perceived in the United States by solving America's growing skills gap while providing employment opportunities for disconnected 18-24 year-olds. Year Up creates a new pathway for potentially millions of marginalized citizens to become initiative-takers and contributors to growth in America's business society. These young adults have the opportunity to set their trajectory in life by enlisting in a yearlong professional development program targeted specifically to their needs. In a high expectation, high support environment, Year Up students earn and stipend while taking classes for six months in technical, communication, and professional skills, followed by a six-month paid apprenticeship with major companies in a growing number of cities around the nation. 

A listing of nationwide career opportunities can be found here. 



Ashoka Fellow Will Byrne's organization, Groundswell, increases community investment in clean energy to create local economic opportunity. We organize neighborhood associations, faith institutions and community non-profits to create group purchases of clean energy and efficiency upgrades. We ensure that these investments expand local economic opportunity through business development, ensuring workers receive access to benefits and are paid family-supporting wages, and strenghtening mission driven institutions that serve their communities. 

Washington, DC

Chief Strategy Officer

Community Power Program Coordinator

Marketing and Communications Director




For more than 15 years, Ashoka Fellow Jill Vialet's organization, Playworks, has leveraged the power of play at recess and throughout the school day to accelerate children’s learning and improve school climate. In partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Playworks currently serves more than 300 schools in 23 cities across the country, reaching 130,000 children daily. Principals and teachers tell us as a result of having Playworks on their campus, kids are more active, bullying, fights and injuries significantly decrease, and students return to the classroom focused and ready to learn.

Check here for a variety of open positions across the country




Ashoka's Fellow Paul Rieckhoff's organization, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, is the country's first and largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization for veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. With more than 200,000 Member Veterans and civilian supporters nationwide, IAVA is building the next greatest generation with a three-pronged model based on advocacy, awareness, and assistance. 

The following positions are open:

New York, NY

Chief Development Officer (Resource Division) 

Chief Communications Officer (Engagement Division)

Salesforce Coordinator (Operations Division)

Membership Director (Programs Division)

Case Manager-NY - New York-focused (Programs Division)

Outreach Coordinator-CA - California-focused (Programs Division)

Case Manager-CA - California-focused (Programs Division)

Case Manager-LA - Los Angeles (Programs Division)

Human Capital Coordinator (Human Capital Department)

Washington, DC

Research Director (Policy Division)

Legislative Associate (Policy Division)

IAVA Opportunities 

IAVA also offers many internship opportunities.  Click here for current availability.



Ashoka's Fellow Derek Ellerman's organization, Polaris Project, is a leading non-governmental organization combating human trafficking and modern-day slavery, with programs operating at the international, national, and local levels.  Polaris Project is expanding its management capacity through the addition of a Deputy Director to oversee core business operating areas of the organization that are vital to its success and growth.

Director of Development

IT Developer

IT Architect

Director of Policy

Associate Director of the Global Hotlines Program

Associate Director of National Programs




Ashoka's Fellow Dana Mortenson's organization World Savvy is an organization that educates and engages youth in community and world affairs, to learn, work and thrive as responsible global citizens in the 21st century.

The following position(s) are open:

New York/Minneapolis
Director of Development and Communications