Fellows by Category

Organization: Project ECHO

Spreading a new model to treat complex chronic diseases in rural and underserved areas by connecting urban healthcare specialists with rural providers through communication technology.

Organization: TechSoup Global

Facilitating the movement of technology to the citizen sector through an online architecture and community centered on the needs of the social sector.

Creating a web-accessible supermarket for social action that makes it possible for virtually anyone to act on their desire to change society for the better.

Jason McLennan is creating incentives and new practices so that the built environment improves health and well-being, while increasing our access to a diverse and productive natural world.

Sascha Meinrath is designing and deploying a disruptive communication architecture to ensure free and open communication as a fundamental human right. 

Organization: Medic Mobile

Josh Nesbit is creating connected and coordinated rural healthcare systems, transforming the efficacy of decentralized rural public health by reinventing the role of the locally-based community health worker thanks to smart and simple mobile phone-based solutions.

Organization: Code for America

Jen Pahlka is bringing the resources—talent, ideas, tools, energy—and operating principles of the tech world to bear on a work culture that is famously slow-moving, inefficient, bureaucratic and risk-adverse: government. 

Building open-source, decentralizing tools for online media, putting people back at the center of culture, not corporation.

Building a new type of veterans organization to meet the needs of a new generation of veterans, nurture the leadership potential of these veterans, and transform the national conversation around veteran issues and combat

Organization: Peer 2 Peer University

Philipp Schmidt is infusing participatory learning into the open education space and building the first-ever open source lesson-planning platform.

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