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Organization: TransForm

Stuart Cohen is creating new tools to reverse the paradigm of growth away from sprawling big box development, and to instead revitalize our existing towns and cities by planning for people, not cars—a reversal that has tremendous potential to reduce global warming pollution and improve social outcomes as the country grows by 100 million by 2050.

Organization: Health Care Without Harm

Gary Cohen has assembled an international coalition that is transforming the global health sector by reducing health industry practices that harm the environment and contribute to disease. 

Organization: blueEnergy

Mathias Craig has developed a community-based clean energy model that relies on the local manufacture and maintenance of a hybrid wind/solar energy system along the impoverished Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. His organization, blueEnergy, uses a model that emphasizes the long-term accompaniment of rural communities.

Organization: Next Step

Stacey Epperson is increasing access to affordable housing by creating a value chain that connects manufactured housing companies to providers of low-income housing. In this scalable model, manufacturers are serving a new market while non-profit housing organizations are finding market-based solutions to affordable housing.

Organization: GreenFaith

Fletcher Harper is tapping and activating the values base of the religious sector in ways profound and practical to curb wasteful consumerism and set faith-based communities on a track to environmental stewardship—in practice as well as in belief.

Michelle “Mitch” Hedlund is aligning citizens and businesses around common environmental and economic interests by making recycling more comprehensive and removing the confusion around “green.” Mitch’s solutions are making the recycled commodities market and the overall green economy more prevalent, profitable, and predictable.

Turning conservation into an economic and political opportunity by countering threats to Native interests with sustainable economic models that protect our natural resources, Indigenous culture, commercial fishing and unique subsistence way of life.

Organization: TreePeople

Retrofitting cities for sustainability by inspiring and equipping citizens and governments to manage cities as ecosystems by promoting trees and tree-mimicking technologies to harvest and use rainwater, and mitigate pollution and climate change, thereby generating green collar jobs.

Organization: Rocky Mountain Institute

Living in applied hope; creating abundance by design, not scarcity by inattention; reinventing fire (mapping and driving the business-led transition from oil and coal to efficiency and renewables); making the world thriving, verdant, and secure, for all, for ever.

Jason McLennan is creating incentives and new practices so that the built environment improves health and well-being, while increasing our access to a diverse and productive natural world.

Organization: Mosaic

Uniting disparate student groups on campuses across the U.S. and Canada into a single, coordinated effort to drive a youth-led movement to build the green economy and solve the climate crisis.

Bridging the gap between environmental practices and cultural/language barriers to insure that 60 environmental measures in restaurants are implemented to achieve a measurable, significant impact, thereby saving restaurants millions of dollars.

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