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Organization: TechSoup Global

Facilitating the movement of technology to the citizen sector through an online architecture and community centered on the needs of the social sector.

Organization: Urban Logic Inc, SR Bank

Creating a high transparency, ethical bank for the social sector, that reconnects meaning and money by pegging interest rates and bank fees to customers’ environmental and social impacts.

Organization: Year Up

Empowering urban talent to reach their potential by connecting urban youth with corporations in need of skilled entry-level talent.

Organization: Next Step

Stacey Epperson is increasing access to affordable housing by creating a value chain that connects manufactured housing companies to providers of low-income housing. In this scalable model, manufacturers are serving a new market while non-profit housing organizations are finding market-based solutions to affordable housing.

Organization: The Full Yield

Zoe Finch Totten seeks to seize America’s health care crisis as an opportunity to realign major forces in the health care and food industries so that they promote individual and collective health beginning with food quality.

Organization: KaBOOM!

Creating an effective way to get playgrounds and skateparks built in low-income neighborhoods by bringing together communities and corporate volunteers to build play spaces where they are most needed.

Michelle “Mitch” Hedlund is aligning citizens and businesses around common environmental and economic interests by making recycling more comprehensive and removing the confusion around “green.” Mitch’s solutions are making the recycled commodities market and the overall green economy more prevalent, profitable, and predictable.

Organization: The Taproot Foundation

Mobilizing business professionals to contribute their expertise to their communities and help them make service an integral part of their careers.

Organization: Light Years IP

Engaging Intellectual Property techniques used by business to increase poverty-alleviating trade by assisting producers, exporters, and governments throughout developing countries to increase export income.

Organization: Fair Finance Watch

Holding financial institutions worldwide accountable to the principles of ethical and community reinvestment through a system that challenges their inequitable lending practices and leverages millions of dollars in loan and credit commitments to low income communities in the USA.

Jason McLennan is creating incentives and new practices so that the built environment improves health and well-being, while increasing our access to a diverse and productive natural world.

Organization: Agora Partnerships

Selecting and investing in “impact” entrepreneurs in Central America whose businesses create economic, social and environmental value.

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