Fellows by Category

Organization: ROC USA, LLC

Paul Bradley is creating a scalable approach that enables the owners of manufactured homes to achieve full economic citizenship by cooperatively buying and managing the land on which their homes sit. 

Organization: Groundswell

Will Byrne has developed a model, which he calls civic consumption, that allows individuals and institutions to leverage their collective purchasing power to shift markets from the bottom up, creating a new, market-based path to create social and environmental benefits in their own communities.

Organization: Next Step

Stacey Epperson is increasing access to affordable housing by creating a value chain that connects manufactured housing companies to providers of low-income housing. In this scalable model, manufacturers are serving a new market while non-profit housing organizations are finding market-based solutions to affordable housing.

Organization: Community Solutions

Ending homelessness by strategically linking homeless individuals with stable housing and personalized support plans.

Guiding former foster youth through the critical transition period from foster child to independent adult by providing micro-loans to secure affordable housing, along with training and support to address employment and educational needs.

Jason McLennan is creating incentives and new practices so that the built environment improves health and well-being, while increasing our access to a diverse and productive natural world.

Nick has played a vital role in building a powerful youth movement on American Indian land that reconnects younger generations with their cultural and spiritual identities and leads them through a transformative process to become the innovators and energy behind a new era of community-led development.

Organization: Partnering for Change

Making permanent and affordable housing a fundamental human right for homeless families across America through a “housing first” approach.

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