Fellows by Category

Transforming public television into an interactive forum which encourages discourse and social innovation by showcasing and promoting promising citizen-inspired initiatives across the country.

Organization: TechSoup Global

Facilitating the movement of technology to the citizen sector through an online architecture and community centered on the needs of the social sector.

Organization: Groundswell

Will Byrne has developed a model, which he calls civic consumption, that allows individuals and institutions to leverage their collective purchasing power to shift markets from the bottom up, creating a new, market-based path to create social and environmental benefits in their own communities.

Organization: Urban Logic Inc, SR Bank

Creating a high transparency, ethical bank for the social sector, that reconnects meaning and money by pegging interest rates and bank fees to customers’ environmental and social impacts.

Organization: RefugePoint

Sasha Chanoff is finding lasting solutions for the world’s most vulnerable refugees.

Organization: blueEnergy

Mathias Craig has developed a community-based clean energy model that relies on the local manufacture and maintenance of a hybrid wind/solar energy system along the impoverished Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. His organization, blueEnergy, uses a model that emphasizes the long-term accompaniment of rural communities.

Creating a web-accessible supermarket for social action that makes it possible for virtually anyone to act on their desire to change society for the better.

Organization: Strive Together

Jeff Edmondson is uniting local leaders within education, government, and the philanthropic community behind a common vision and measurable set of goals, and supplying them with the tools, infrastructure, and peer community they need to improve educational outcomes from cradle-to-career.

Organization: Next Step

Stacey Epperson is increasing access to affordable housing by creating a value chain that connects manufactured housing companies to providers of low-income housing. In this scalable model, manufacturers are serving a new market while non-profit housing organizations are finding market-based solutions to affordable housing.

Organization: The Transition Network

Leading the way for women who reshaped the workforce to reshape retirement.

Organization: Civic Ventures

Leading the call to engage millions of baby boomers in encore careers by combining personal meaning, continued income, and social impact to produce a windfall of human talent to solve society’s greatest problems.

Organization: KaBOOM!

Creating an effective way to get playgrounds and skateparks built in low-income neighborhoods by bringing together communities and corporate volunteers to build play spaces where they are most needed.

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