Fellows by Category

Organization: Genesys Works

Transforming schools and changing the trajectory of life for inner-city youth by training and employing them to provide technical services to major corporations during their senior year in high school.

Organization: Beats Rhymes and Life

Tomas Alvarez is making mental health and wellness services more accessible, useful, and meaningful for youth of color by integrating pop culture and community-defined strategies with proven therapy models.

Redefining the role of the engineer in society by changing the training approach and standards to integrate global issues and real-world technology needs.

Reducing child abuse and neglect by providing families in crisis with a temporary alternative to the child welfare system

Organization: Project ECHO

Spreading a new model to treat complex chronic diseases in rural and underserved areas by connecting urban healthcare specialists with rural providers through communication technology.

Organization: Docs for Tots

Pursuing social justice in health and development for young children and changing the nature of professionalism for children’s doctors through increasing their civic engagement beyond clinical practice walls.

Norman Atkins seeks to reinvent teacher education through a “nurse practitioner” model of teacher training that focuses on practice above theory, and that links teacher certification to demonstrated results in the classroom. 

Organization: New Foundry Ventures

Changing the field of social enterprise by demonstrating the enormous potential of holistic models and social business ventures as a tool for poverty alleviation.

Organization: Spark Program

Sparking disengaged middle school students to articulate their dreams and try them out through transformative, workplace-based apprenticeships in their communities.

Organization: Live Oak Institute

Transforming nursing homes from institutions to person-centered communities, thereby unleashing elder power, building loving mutual-support communities, cultivating wisdom and promoting activism that champions future generations.

Organization: Girls on the Run

Using physical and emotional training to help girls challenge the status quo and see themselves as part of a healthy, well-balanced society.

Organization: Boundless Playgrounds

Creating inclusive, developmentally advantageous playgrounds where children of all abilities can have the best opportunities for healthy development.

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