Fellows by Category

Organization: Make the Road

Empowering residents to advocate for their rights and improve conditions in their neighborhoods

Organization: Stand for Children

Building a coalition of parents and other concerned citizens to make democracy work for children.

Reducing juvenile incarceration and recidivism rates and changing the culture of the juvenile justice system by getting the system to listen to young people and turning it into a place of transformation.

Organization: Surf Life Coaching

As of 2012, Farhana founded and is working full time on Surf Life Coaching, a one of a kind coaching practice helping people successfully transition to a life and business they love.

Working to create “green job” opportunities for the poor and disadvantaged, including those who have been incarcerated.

Organization: Just Bridges National Clearing House

Changing the justice system's view of crime victims by demonstrating how their needs can be effectively addressed without compromising the integrity of the judicial process.

Organization: The Pro Bono Institute

Expanding and deepening the civic engagement of law firms and corporate legal departments

The Sustainable Economies Law Center is developing the legal infrastructure necessary for a new, resilient, sharing economy to thrive in the United States.

Creating International Communities of Healing to help torture survivors regain their sense of trust and community, with survivors enabled to lead and become powerful voices in the international campaign to end torture.

Organization: Camp to Belong

Reuniting brothers and sisters placed in separate foster homes to preserve their sibling bond through effecting change in legislation for sibling placement and visitation, recruitment of more foster and adoptive families for siblings, and securing best practice for child welfare professionals.

Pioneering a body of legal mechanisms to hold corporations accountable for their complicity in human rights abuses perpetrated around the world, and increase access to justice for victims of such abuses.

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