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Those of us who invest in Ashoka – with our time, our money, our ideas – do so because we see in Ashoka a unique opportunity to catalyze big change in the world.

Ashoka Fellows drive this change, but it’s not possible without our full community. It depends on close partnerships with entrepreneurs, companies, families, and foundations who share our commitment to innovation and system change.  Some partnerships take shape as multi-million, multi-year opportunities, others as the smaller, critical giving of individuals. Many are in-kind.

You're arriving to this page because you are part of this community and an Ashoka ambassador – because you bring value to Ashoka, and Ashoka brings value to you. Please contribute to our growth by making introductions that will bring mutual value and a spirit of co-creation: Who do you know who wants to contribute positively, but is discouraged by traditional approaches? Who among these would love to learn of Ashoka's approach?

Please reach Kila Englebrook on Ashoka's U.S. team to understand more fully the spectrum of partnership possibilities and share your ideas and introductions.

Let's build Ashoka together!