Fellows by Category

Creating a permanent anti-genocide constituency in the United States, and empowering individuals to advocate for human rights in new, more effective ways by leading the way for the innovative use of technology in advocacy training and work.

Organization: Global Press Institute

Cristi Hegranes seeks to develop a new, better quality, and more sustainable model of international journalism that is rooted in the perspective of local communities—and especially women from those communities.

Organization: Strive Media Institute

Addressing the lack of diverse employees and balanced portrayal of low-income, minority communities in the mainstream media by training disadvantaged teens in five areas of mass communications, while providing media forums to build marketable job skills and practice balanced journalism.

Organization: Fair Finance Watch

Holding financial institutions worldwide accountable to the principles of ethical and community reinvestment through a system that challenges their inequitable lending practices and leverages millions of dollars in loan and credit commitments to low income communities in the USA.

Organization: Search for Common Ground

Peacebuilding through a full toolbox of methodologies for conflict prevention, including harnessing the power of the media and popular culture.

Organization: Hollaback!

Emily May is making street harassment as culturally unacceptable as sexual harassment in the workplace, by naming and raising visibility of the problem, and establishing systems and accessible tools to effectively report and address it.

Organization: Wholesome Wave

Michel Nischan is catalyzing demand among low-income urban consumers for locally grown, healthy foods through a financing approach that also fuels the growth and viability of small and mid-sized farms.

Democratizing global policy-making by broadening the scope of involvement of the citizen sector in addressing global challenges.

Organization: Code for America

Jen Pahlka is bringing the resources—talent, ideas, tools, energy—and operating principles of the tech world to bear on a work culture that is famously slow-moving, inefficient, bureaucratic and risk-adverse: government. 

Organization: Sarrell Dental

Jeff Parker is developing the first viable non-profit model of dentistry that is scalable and adheres to high standards of care in order to treat the millions of youth across the United States who currently do not receive oral health care.

Ai-jen Poo is building a new movement for one of the most excluded sectors of the American service industry, domestic care workers, that aligns them with the needs and demands of today’s economy while preserving and promoting dignity in their relationships. 

Building open-source, decentralizing tools for online media, putting people back at the center of culture, not corporation.

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