Fellows by Category

Organization: Boundless Playgrounds

Creating inclusive, developmentally advantageous playgrounds where children of all abilities can have the best opportunities for healthy development.

Transforming public television into an interactive forum which encourages discourse and social innovation by showcasing and promoting promising citizen-inspired initiatives across the country.

Organization: ROC USA, LLC

Paul Bradley is creating a scalable approach that enables the owners of manufactured homes to achieve full economic citizenship by cooperatively buying and managing the land on which their homes sit. 

Organization: Groundswell

Will Byrne has developed a model, which he calls civic consumption, that allows individuals and institutions to leverage their collective purchasing power to shift markets from the bottom up, creating a new, market-based path to create social and environmental benefits in their own communities.

Organization: EngAGE

Transforming aging and the way people think about aging by turning affordable senior apartment communities into vibrant centers of learning, wellness and creativity.

Organization: E-Democracy

Reviving local democracy and citizen participation by making local online engagement powerful, meaningful, and convenient for all.

Organization: TransForm

Stuart Cohen is creating new tools to reverse the paradigm of growth away from sprawling big box development, and to instead revitalize our existing towns and cities by planning for people, not cars—a reversal that has tremendous potential to reduce global warming pollution and improve social outcomes as the country grows by 100 million by 2050.

Creating a web-accessible supermarket for social action that makes it possible for virtually anyone to act on their desire to change society for the better.

Organization: Peace First

For over 22 years, Peace First has developed and implemented transformative programming to teach young people peacemaking skills that promote empathy, develop leadership, and engage youth in playing a vital role in making their schools and communities safer and more just places.  

Organization: Stand for Children

Building a coalition of parents and other concerned citizens to make democracy work for children.

Organization: Strive Together

Jeff Edmondson is uniting local leaders within education, government, and the philanthropic community behind a common vision and measurable set of goals, and supplying them with the tools, infrastructure, and peer community they need to improve educational outcomes from cradle-to-career.

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