Fellows by Category

Organization: Stand for Children

Building a coalition of parents and other concerned citizens to make democracy work for children.

Organization: Strive Together

Jeff Edmondson is uniting local leaders within education, government, and the philanthropic community behind a common vision and measurable set of goals, and supplying them with the tools, infrastructure, and peer community they need to improve educational outcomes from cradle-to-career.

Organization: Generations of Hope

Developing purposeful, multigenerational neighborhoods where the entire community organizes around a potentially long-term social challenge with which some residents are struggling (these communities become both the support structure and the vehicle for action).

Organization: TurboVote

Seth Flaxman is strengthening the fabric of American democracy by increasing electoral and citizen participation on all fronts. 

Organization: News Trust

Providing reader-reviewed news on which citizens can rely by aggregating quality news stories that are rated for journalistic quality by news consumers themselves.

Organization: The Transition Network

Leading the way for women who reshaped the workforce to reshape retirement.

Organization: Civic Ventures

Leading the call to engage millions of baby boomers in encore careers by combining personal meaning, continued income, and social impact to produce a windfall of human talent to solve society’s greatest problems.

Katherine Freund is changing norms about driving and creating a shared-ride transportation approach that allows older Americans to transition from driving to being driven through a whole-community solution that keeps them mobile and active while staying in their homes. 

Reducing juvenile incarceration and recidivism rates and changing the culture of the juvenile justice system by getting the system to listen to young people and turning it into a place of transformation.

Organization: The Conversation Project

Ellen is working to establish a new cultural norm when it comes to end-of-life care: one in which individuals and families talk openly about their values and wishes—particularly with those who will make decisions for them if they can’t make them for themselves.

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